What We Started, We Must Finish

Translation projects always have difficulties, but in some areas of Cameroon they are facing exceptional hardships. This blog post from a partner organization, JAARS, highlights what has been going on in a cluster project in Cameroon.

And yet, the translators didn’t give up. “What we started, we must finish,” they said. The translators would hike—sometimes for eight hours—to the village where they worked. They would stay there and translate for two days, then hike back home until the next week, when they would do it all over again.

Sometimes people will mention to us after we share with them about our ministry about “how much we’ve sacrificed”. It’s true, there have been sacrifices. But, when you see the efforts of many of our Cameroonian colleagues who face difficulties well beyond what we have, it makes you think that we have not sacrificed much at all.

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