Need Christmas Gift Ideas?

Consider a life-changing gift this Christmas with the 2016 Wycliffe Gift Catalog. There are 16 tangible gifts to choose from, including printing the Gospels for language groups in Kenya, Mexico and Vanuatu, bicycles for pastors distributing audio of the gospel in South Sudan and Bible story DVD sets for Deaf children in Brazil.
The gift catalog is easy to use: browse the catalog either online or in hand, select a project that you’d like to support and give – it’s that simple. Together, let’s share the good news of Christ’s birth with the world. Visit today to browse gifts online or order your print catalog.

November Newsletter

Sold, to 4897” the auctioneer said as we claimed our small snowblower for $2.  During October, we have been participating in the Intercultural Communication Course (ICC) at the Wycliffe-JAARS Center ( near Charlotte, North Carolina.  One of the required training activities was to attend an auction where we learned how to interact on the fly by observing other participants.

The focus of the training is preparation for transitioning to a new culture and serving well in any environment.  The skills we are practicing and the topics we are studying are essential for successful cross-cultural communication during our language study in France and for our ministry in Cameroon.

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