Woot Visa!

Our long-stay French visitor visas were approved and arrived in the mail yesterday! We are very excited to have this important part of the puzzle in place.

This good news makes me want to dance. You can dance too, if you want to.

It’s Been a Busy Few Days

We arrived at the JAARS center near Waxhaw, NC late Tuesday evening.  This completed our 1200 mile trip:  Livonia, MI -> Chicago, IL -> Livonia, MI -> Columbus, OH -> Waxhaw, NC.  We successfully completed our application for French long-stay visas at the Consulate, and then arrived on time for our month-long training at the JAARS center.

Here’s a few photos from the trip.

Visiting Millennium Park before our visa appointment:


Thaddeus waiting for our turn, not paying attention to the no devices sign:


The backup on I-75.  We ended up waiting on the freeway about 2 hours from 10pm-12am.  Still not sure what happened.