We’re Getting Close

We can hardly express the huge mix of emotions we are experiencing.  Such joy and wonder at how God has provided for our Wycliffe partnership team! We are getting really close. We are over 95% of the way in monthly financial commitments. In addition, we have a sense of urgency and excitement as we prepare for our appointment (in just a few days!) at the French Consulate in Chicago to apply for our visas for language study.

As happy as we are, we are also beginning to grieve a bit as we are cleaning and putting the house up for sale this weekend. The kids will move in with their grandparents while we go to our cross-cultural training in North Carolina for the next five weeks. The kids have been packing and cleaning with us and saying good-bye to the only home that they have ever known.  It has been a hard but good week for us all.

Brian also had his last day of work today at HelloWorld, where he has been for over 11 years! It is hard to move forward into the future and unknown, especially when the past and well-known is so very good and comfortable.

Fall Training

Thank you to those that prayed for our request that we would be able to attend the cross-cultural communications course this October. We found out recently that we had been accepted. It is an answer to prayer.