The Faith of No Choice

Some of our friends recently departed Cameroon for a time of home assignment. I volunteered to drive them to the airport, so I knew that they wanted to leave at 5:30pm to head for the airport. I was also told that someone would be bringing an important delivery to my office some time today and I should bring it back to them. This was their passports.

I ended up delivering their passports to them at 4:30pm, one hour ahead of their departure for an international flight that evening.

I realized I would have not been able to handle the pressure of that tight timing.

When I handed him the package, I made a comment about how calm they were despite the late arrival of their passports, he said “We have giant faith, of course. Or, maybe, just no choice but to wait.”

And isn’t that what we really need?

We have no choice but to wait for what God has in store for us.

We have no choice but to wait for what is beyond our control.