Highlights of iDELTA AC2

It is hard to capture the joy of seeing eager workers grow in their knowledge, understanding and skills. I think one of the best parts of my work in Cameroon is the francophone iDELTA training course. This course is a three-year cycle that provides practical education and mentoring for workers in Bible translation, literacy, Scripture engagement and media. These workers come from all over West and Central Africa to participate in the intensive 8-week sessions. They are dedicated and motivated. They are not always happy with the way things go and one of my jobs is to handle their complaints. That is not the part I enjoy. Rather, I love teaching and seeing them understand the concepts and apply them to their language group, to their situation. It is even more amazing to hear their stories of returning home and using what they have learned to help their communities and pass it on to others.

Here are a few photos of the work and the play that happened in the first session together in this cycle, but the second year.

We are already planning for the third session and looking forward to seeing these eager students againǃ

One thought on “Highlights of iDELTA AC2

  1. Andie Otto says:

    You look like you are loving what you are doing in these pictures. It brings joy to my heart just to see that through the pictures.

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