Cameroonian Lunches

As a follow up to the post on Njama njama, here are some of the other Cameroonian lunches we’ve enoyed.  The first is Ndolé.  It is a bitter green cooked with a peanut sauce/paste and various meats or fish.  This one is with beef.  It comes from the Littoral (coastal) region near Douala.  It’s considered the national dish of Cameroon.  It’s traditionally served with boiled plantains. Here’s more information.


Another dish is Poulet DG (Chicken of the Director General).  It’s chicken with sauce served with plaintains in the sauce.  This is a pretty normal dish by western standards being like any braised chicken dish.  Very tasty.

Chicken DG

Egusi pudding is made from a seed that is a bit like a pumpkin seed.  It is ground up and cooked with other fillings inside a leaf (like a tamale).   The side to this is a “baton de manioc”, which is cassava/manioc soaked in water and formed in a leaf.  It is very chewy but doesn’t have much flavor on its own.

Egusi Pudding with Beef, salad, boiled plantains and baton de manioc.

Chicken with black sauce (mbongo) is made with a bunch of seeds and nuts and bark that are burned and ground up to make a sauce.  It’s very good.  The cook said she made “brown sauce” for us foreigners to tone it down a bit.

Chicken with black sauce, rice, boiled plantains, and yams.


The components of the black sauce. Nuts, seeds, and some bark. Much of it is burnt and then ground up.

We also had a peanut sauce, which is really just that: peanut sauce and some vegetables and meat.  It reminded us very much of asian peanut sauced noodles that we like to make.

Peanut sauce, rice, and boiled plantains.

These are just our introduction into Cameroonian cuisine.  We’ve like everything we’ve had so far and are looking to eating and trying more things.

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