CAM Cars

The boys’ school put on a pinewood derby-style car race and the boys entered.  Since some folks don’t have a lot of tools here, we were able to use the maintenance shop on the center and the tools there.  This was a big help.  Here’s some pictures of the work in process and the finished product.

Cutting with a coping saw

Lots of sanding on Joe’s car


Good work boys


Joe’s car

TJ’s car

Where We Live

Here’s a little tour of our home here in Cameroon.  We’d love for you to come visit, even if just through our website.  Welcome!

Our place with the driveway and front yard.


Our kitchen. Fairly roomy and with lots of storage.

Our water filter, which makes the tap water safe to drink

Dining area and the main living area.

Master bedroom and bath

Eila’s room

Boys’ room


Our driveway out to the playground.

Some views of the neighborhood from the playground.

Thanks for visiting.  Next time we’ll clean up more first.

Pili Pili

One of the favorites of everyone here in Cameroon is Pili Pili.  It’s like an empanada filled with beef and vegetables and comes with a hot sauce on the side.  There’s a few people that make them and they are easily available to us.  It’s easy for lunches and snacks and really good.  Eila is a big fan.

Africa Is Big

We sometimes get questions regarding “How far is it from where you are to this other African country…” or “Are you close to another African city”.  The answer usually turns out to be really far away.

Maps tend to enlarge the countries in the higher latitudes and minimize the size of the countries near the equator.  Thus, it’s hard to get the idea by looking at a map (unless it’s a globe).

Here’s an image from which compares Cameroon to Michigan, where we are from.  Michigan is about half the size of Cameroon.

Here’s another map image from that shows how much of the US you can fit in Africa and still have a lot left.

The Yees Are In Yaoundé

We made it!

Praise God for answering so many prayers. We had a wonderful time with our family on vacation, seeing Paris and Rome. Then, we were able to get everything packed and say some goodbyes to our friends in France. We arrived in Africa with all of our luggage late Tuesday night and have been unpacking and getting settled into our new home in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Our new colleagues and their families have been very helpful and welcoming to us. We are grateful for our time in language study, which has made our transition easier. The kids start school next Monday and Brian has already gone to work for a bit. Shannon has connected with the linguistics team a little as well. Thank God with us for His provision and care for us!

The kids have found have been enjoying the playground just outside our front door and playing with lots of other kids.

Please keep praying with us for:

  • Adjustment to daily life, especially shopping and meal preparations (and school for the kids)
  • Good health and wisdom in decisions
  • Community living, specifically good relationships with our neighbors and co-workers

Les Vacances

Les vacances! Les vacances!  Les vacances”  That was the chant that was heard this afternoon as the kids counted down their last few minutes at school.  It ended with an epic water battle and the boys were able to close out their school year with a lot of fun.  Then, they got haircuts. And now that we are all finished with school in France and looking good.  We are ready for a change of pace and scenery. Tomorrow, we will take a train to Paris to meet up with our family and do some sightseeing in Europe before we move to Africa!

Some reasons to thank God:

  • We have our visas for entry into Cameroon!
  • We have an apartment waiting for us in Yaoundé.
  • We all passed our exams!
  • We have made wonderful friends in France.
  • We have learned many things, including lots of French language and cultural adaptation.
  • We have had better health than ever during our time in France.
  • We are able to have a break and spend time with our families before our big move!

Please pray for:

  • Traveling safety,
  • Wrapping up our life in France well – saying goodbye (again), packing, taking care of many details for our departure.
  • Settling in to Yaoundé, Cameroon: We arrive July 25 to begin working in support of Bible translation; the kids will start school again on August 10. Please pray for health, patience & peace throughout the transition, for good local friends for each of us, and for all of our luggage to arrive with us.

We will try to send an update upon our arrival in Cameroon, but it may take a few days before we can do that.  At any rate, we’ll be in touch from Africa in just a few weeks!

Mountains in Summertime

‎As the weather has gotten warmer, we have been trying to make the most of our time outside of class to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation surrounding us as well as develop deeper relationships with people here in France. So, we have done several hiking trips in the mountains nearby.  Here are a few pictures from our excursions:

From the top of the mountain in our backyard, with a view of Mt Blanc behind us

La Chartreuse (near Grenoble)

Chamrousse & Lac Achard with Les Bonnetons

The gorgeous flowers also cause some people (like Brian) to suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms.


However, the pleasant aroma that they give off is in great contrast to the scent of the pastures that are all around us in this small town.

And since it is a small town, we had to go to Chambery for Thad to visit the orthodontist. It was a day full of delayed trains and changed plans that meant we were able to do a little unexpected sight-seeing!  Then, Brian and Josiah had to take a special trip to visit the town, just for fun.  Eila, on the other hand, was forced to do sight-seeing and learning on a field trip with her FLE (French as a 2nd language) class to Chambery.  It wasn’t as bad as she had feared.

Half Round Tower at the Chateau du Duc (until 1860 the home of the ruler of Savoie – not yet part of France)

Fountain with Four Elephants,
photo credit: Thaddeus


Yay! We are super excited to have our passports back from the Cameroonian Consulate with our visas to enter the country. Praise God that this happened so quickly (less than one week total!) and smoothly. This is a huge relief and answer to prayer.  We can now check off the biggest box on our list in getting ready to move to Africa. As they say in French “Toc.”

Just a few more things to do before we go… We are slowly getting it done. ✅ Toc. Toc. Toc.

Learning Outside the Classroom (for Josiah)

Josiah went on a camping trip in the mountains of Arêches with his class from school a few weeks ago and then had another mountain hike to the Fort de la Batterie today.  He has had a lot of opportunities to learn about many different things – including French language – outside of the classroom.  These field trips have been pretty amazing.

With his class, Josiah has toured a cheese factory in Beaufort and a lumbermill (not to mention the steel mill and skiing trips that he already enjoyed this winter).  After the three straight days speaking and listening to French only, he was really encouraged by his progress with language learning.

At the Beaufort Cheese Factory, it did not smell pleasant.

They learned about ways to experience nature through their five senses – one at a time.

Nice classroom for learning about plants in the mountains.

He also had the chance this May to go to Lausanne, Switzerland, where his class was able to visit the Hands-On Science Center and the Olympics Museum.  His class had won a special contest with their report on the para-olympic athletes.  It was pretty cool.