Holiday, or not Holiday?

There have been two holidays during our time here in Cameroon.  The first, Assumption, was on a Tuesday.  Since it’s a holiday on a Tuesday, there usually is a bridge day to make it a long weekend.  However, a bridge day has to be called by the president and that didn’t happen officially until right before the day.  Thus, no one knew if the day was going to be a working (or school) day or not.

The second holiday (which is upcoming) is fête du mouton, which is a muslim holiday.  Thus, it could fall on a Friday or a Saturday.  And again, no one is really sure if the day will be a holiday or not.

I suppose this is all normal here, but another cultural difference on how things are handled.  Plans must be made for if the holiday is called and if the holiday is not.

(Edit: Friday is a holiday after all)

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