The Yees Are In Yaoundé

We made it!

Praise God for answering so many prayers. We had a wonderful time with our family on vacation, seeing Paris and Rome. Then, we were able to get everything packed and say some goodbyes to our friends in France. We arrived in Africa with all of our luggage late Tuesday night and have been unpacking and getting settled into our new home in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Our new colleagues and their families have been very helpful and welcoming to us. We are grateful for our time in language study, which has made our transition easier. The kids start school next Monday and Brian has already gone to work for a bit. Shannon has connected with the linguistics team a little as well. Thank God with us for His provision and care for us!

The kids have found have been enjoying the playground just outside our front door and playing with lots of other kids.

Please keep praying with us for:

  • Adjustment to daily life, especially shopping and meal preparations (and school for the kids)
  • Good health and wisdom in decisions
  • Community living, specifically good relationships with our neighbors and co-workers

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