Our Apartment

Here is a tour of our apartment.  This way you can feel like you’ve come to visit us.  We’d love for you to stop by if you are in our general corner of the world.

After entering into our apartment building, you’ll need to climb up to the 4th floor. This is the view out of our front door, looking into the stairwell.


Looking in the front door to the entry/ hallway

Living room & dining room, as seen from the hall way, just to the right after walking through the front door

Living room, looking from the corner behind the dining room table

The view out of the living room

Kitchen & laundry room

Josiah’s side of the boys’ bedroom, which is across the hall from the kitchen, living room & dining room

Thad’s bed and his side of the bedroom

View from Josiah & Thaddeus’ bedroom

Eila’s bedroom, next door to the boys’ bedroom

The desk in Eila’s bedroom

View from Eila’s bed

At the end of the hallway, between Eila’s bedroom and the parent’s bedroom is where you’ll find the toilet (in a special tiny room all by itself.)

Bathroom, complete with bath/shower and sink as well as a cabinet and mirrors

And to the right at the end of the hall is our bedroom, which also has an amazing view!






3 thoughts on “Our Apartment

  1. Julie Todd says:

    We missed you at cooking club on Friday. We’re all thinking of you and praying for you and curious about your new life! I love the blog!
    Julie T

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