August Newsletter

“Wow; I had no idea!” whispered one woman as she watched our kids pull the list of languages down the church aisle.  We were sharing about the need for Bible translation around the world at our home church last month.  The statistics and stories of people waiting for God’s Word are staggering.  God is using us to get the news out about this need and advocate for those without the Scriptures.  At the same time, God is also preparing us to go and be part of meeting the need, ending the wait for so many with no Bible in a language that speaks to their heart.

“When Are You Leaving?”

This is a question that we get often, and it is a difficult question to answer precisely.  However, every day the future seems to be a bit more in focus.  In order to leave, we must be at 100% of our monthly ministry budget and we are currently at 80%.  We are so thankful to God for the people that are partnering with us.  When we began building our partnership team in February, we had a faith goal that God would provide 100% of our ministry budget by mid-October.  It looks like that just might be what happens – but this is our plan.  We are trusting God to accomplish His plan.

“Where Are You Going?”

We are planning to attend to a five-week cross-cultural communications training course at the Wycliffe/JAARS Center in North Carolina beginning on October 3rd.  Brian plans to stop working at his job at HelloWorld at the end of September. Due to a registration mishap, we have been put on a waitlist for the training. We are unsure how this impacts future dates.  We are trusting the Lord in the midst of this uncertainty.  We are planning to move to France for intensive language study at the end of this year.  Classes begin January 4th which means we will plan to leave before the New Year.  It is essential that we are all confident in our ability to communicate in French; this includes the kids.  That process, we trust, will be complete in about six months.  French is the official language in Cameroon, where we will be working.  There are 275 minority language groups.  When we reach proficiency in French, we will head to Cameroon.

Please Pray

  • for more people to join our partnership team. God has provided so much already, and we are confident that he will bring the rest of our team together in His timing.
  • for us to get into the cross-cultural training session this fall.  We need to take this course before we move overseas.
  • for the sale of our house.  We are already busy painting, cleaning, and selling many of our things.
  • for the French visa application process.  There are many documents to collect, translate, and attestations to submit.  Pray for the correct timing of the interview (not too soon/not too late), and that we will have a favorable reception at the French consulate.
  • for us and our families.  We will be experiencing many transitions in the next few months (including a very big one) and ask that you pray for grace, patience, and love for us.

Did You Know?

Did you know that many corporations match their employee’s gifts to non-profits?  Try searching for your employer on the site below to see if that is possible:


By Lake Huron at a family gathering in July, 2016.

With Joy,

The Yees.

August, 2016

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